BRIDE & ZOOM is a one hour rom-com wedding "vidgie"--neither play nor movie but a hybrid video entertainment--starring Kailey Rhodes, Kamaria Williams, Matt Sepeda, Jenny O'Hara, Rachel Sorsa, Gabriel Romero, Michael Shepperd, David Meyers, Tommy Hinkley, Jennifer Lanier, Laura Mulligan, P.J. Marino and Jamie Flanagan. The principal actors performed from LA, Portland, Boise and Birmingham, England.

BRIDE & ZOOM takes place over two days, two+ years into quarantine, when the bride, Grace, gets some shocking news about her sperm donor daddy the day before her online wedding.

For those who are able, the cast and crew suggest making a donation of any amount to VOW, an international 501C3 charitable organization seeking to end child marriage worldwide. Shockingly, every 3 seconds, somewhere in the world, a child becomes a bride; some as young as 8.
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